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We at Weathernews recognize that the personal information of customers who use the Weathernews Web site is important, and we pay close attention to how that information is handled. At our Web site we may ask you, after obtaining your consent, to register personal information with the site through the service membership site, email transmission, questionnaire surveys, or other means.

Information obtained through these online services is registered to confirm the identity of visitors at the gate of the membership site, in surveys for further improving our services, and for other purposes. We manage the registered personal information with the greatest care, and make certain it is not disclosed or provided to third parties.

Procedures for registration of personal information

When you register personal information within our Web site, we use a system in which we always specify the purposes for registering information with the site, and the objectives of using the registered information. We ask only users who consent to those purposes and objectives to register personal information.

  1. Handling of personal information
    Information registered within our site that can identify particular individuals will not be disclosed to third parties.
  2. Correction of personal information and cancellation of registration
    If users of our Web site wish for any reason to correct or cancel information already registered, we offer several methods for responding to such requests.Individuals may correct or cancel the information using the registration display, for example, or may do so via email.
  3. Contact for inquiries about personal information
    Opinions and questions about the handling of personal information on our Web site should be addressed to us via the menu item listed below, “Opinions and Inquiries.”

Management of personal information

We closely supervise personal information on customers so that it will not be lost or destroyed. We also pay maximum attention to managing the information to prevent it from being leaked outside. We also take an appropriate and reasonable level of precaution against such risks as unauthorized access from outside. And if we consign duties related to the operation of our Web site or those related to the use and management of personal information on customers to outside organizations, we select contractors we consider to be capable of handling personal information properly and supervise them closely to prevent personal information from being leaked through them.

Responsibilities of customers

Our Web site may offer links to other Web sites. If you are interested in the policies of the linked Web sites related to the handling of personal information, please confirm with the particular Web sites. Please note that we accept no responsibility for personal information input from outside our Web site.

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