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Seminar / Activities


The 16th TFMS Forum in Copenhagen
Close to You & Innovation WITH You
Strategic Ship Operation & Polar Routeing
24th October 2012 Copenhagen Opera House

Forum Contents


Directional Speeches
- Steen Sabinsky (Maritime Development Center of Europe )
Material (pdf)

Total Voyage Cost Optimization by Strategic Operation
- Jonathan Young (Cargill Ocean Transportation)
Material (pdf)

CHNL (Centre for High North Logistics) Workshop
on Northern Sea Route (NSR)

- Bjørn Gunnarsson – Managing Director
- Sergey Balmasov – Head of Arctic Logistics Information Office
1. Introductionl (pdf)
2. Current Operational Challenges on the NSR (pdf)
3. Russian NSR Rules and Regulations (pdf)
4. NSR Transit Voyages in 2011 and 2012 (YTD) (pdf)
5. Step-by-step Planning for a Transit Voyage (pdf)
6. Tariffs on the NSR (pdf)
7. The Short to Medium Term Scenario on NSR (pdf)

Voyage Calculations The Northern Sea Route
- Henrik Falck (Tschudi Shipping Company AS)
Material (pdf)

Weathernews Presentations
Today’s Goal and Approach
-Chihito Kusabiraki, Weathernews Inc.

Material (pdf)

The Overall Market Context
-Antonio Brizzo, Weathernews Inc.

Material (pdf)

What can WNI do for your business?
-Ryoichi Unten, Voyage Planning (VP) Group

Material (pdf)

Close to you and Innovation with you
- Masaya Yamamoto, WNI-SAT Project Leader.
- Mitsuhiro Ogata, Voyage Planning (VP) Group Operation Leader.

Material (pdf)

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